5 Office Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

If you’re a working professional, then chances are you spend 40+ hours in your office, doing the work of at least two people. Cleaning the office bathroom or taking out the company’s trash are probably the last tasks on your to-do list, but if you don’t do the job, who will? At Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, we know that busy workers are strapped for time, but they still deserve a clean office space. Here are five office cleaning tips that everyone should know.

1. Limit the number of items on your desk.

We know that it can be hard to decide what to keep on your desk. You’ve got notepads, pens, staplers and more. However, the excess clutter makes it challenging to get work accomplished, and it can also create anxiety. Get in the habit of removing anything on your desk that you don’t frequently use. This will help you keep your desk area clean and make it easier to wipe down when needed. In addition, keep some wipes handy for quick cleans and for spills.

2. Keep your keyboard and monitor clean.

As you might already know, most office supply stores carry wipes that are specially made for keyboards. Pick a few packs up and keep them nearby. Get in the habit of wiping your keyboard daily, especially if you tend to snack at your desk.

3. Take out the trash.

As simple as it may seem, it’s amazing how many offices don’t make a regular practice of taking out their trash. Keeping up on your trash will make your office area look and smell cleaner. It will also help to keep bugs away. If your office team is just too busy to tackle the trash, then why not let a cleaning company like Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC handle the job? Our team provides only the highest quality cleaning services for both residential and commercial needs.

4. Keep the office phone clean.

Use a simple cleaner and a cloth to wipe down your office phone a couple times a day. This will help to keep it clean, and it will also cut back on the amount of germs that might be lingering. You can wipe the dial pad with a cotton ball dipped in some rubbing alcohol.

5. Clean windows and picture frames.

It’s important to dust your office as frequently as possible. It will help cut back on allergies, and it will make your space look and feel cleaner. You can choose from a variety of DIY glass-cleaner recipes, too.