5 Tips to Have a Spring-Clean Home Throughout the Winter

Have you thought much about how to keep your house cleaned this winter? As the cooler days approach, it’s time to think about how to make your home clean and cozy. Don’t have time for cleaning? Why not let Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC help you get it together?

In the meantime, below are are five tips to help you have a spring-clean home throughout the coldest months of the year.

1. Invest in floor mats.

Waterproof floor mats strategically placed at each entry will help prevent salt and snow from getting inside your home. Floor mats are also great reminders for family and friends to give their feet an extra wipe before stepping inside and taking off their shoes.

2. Take your shoes off.

One of the best ways to keep your home clean during the winter months is by keeping your shoes at the door. Mud, salt, and snow all have their ways of sneaking inside your home on the bottom of your shoes. Minimize the dirt load by keeping a basket or bin at the front of your door so that you can leave your shoes behind when you step inside. If you need some help keeping your home clean and you’re on the search for a residential and commercial cleaning service near Doylestown, PA, then give Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC a call. We can always help.

3. Keep clothing clean and organized.

Winter-wear like snow jackets and ski gloves can get dusty when stored away for the summer. Follow washing instructions and clean your most loved outerwear before wearing it this winter. Light colored winter jackets can pick up mud easily, so make sure you give them a good cleaning before hanging them up inside your home.

4. Clear out your junk drawers.

If you’re stuck inside on an especially frigid winter day, why not make the most of it by cleaning out those junk drawers that have been collecting items all year long? Pull out the drawers and then start sorting. Keep a trash can nearby and then start tossing whatever you don’t need. Sift through the contents and consider some drawer organizers to help minimize the clutter.

5. Vacuum daily.

Vacuuming your home every day is a great way to keep it clean during the winter months. It will help keep your space fresh, and it will minimize the amount of dirt that has potential to build up, as well. If you have smaller area rugs, make sure that you clean them frequently, too.

Still looking for house cleaning companies in Bucks County this season? Call Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC. We can help you with whatever you need!