Caring for Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a much-desired amenity in a home, and for good reason – they add value and a certain elegant appeal to any kitchen, and are a durable material that will remain beautiful for years with proper care. At Minch Professional Cleaners, our employees are all thoroughly trained in the unique cleaning procedures that must be taken in order to preserve the beauty of your granite tabletops and other fixtures. While our professional cleaning service in Bucks County and surrounding regions will take excellent of all your home’s unique fixtures, we’ve compiled some tips to help you maintain the longevity and luster of your granite tabletops on your own as well!

Perform Daily Care

The best way to make sure that your granite countertop stays as shiny as the day it was installed is to make sure you clean it daily. Luckily, granite is relatively low-maintenance as a material, so it shouldn’t take very long – all you need is warm water and a little bit of dish soap or detergent (use antibacterial if you often use it for food prep of raw meat, eggs or other foods that can contain contaminants). You can wipe the countertop down with a soft cloth or paper towel, but avoid scraping at any “stuck” stains with steel wool or another abrasive material, so that you don’t risk scratching the surface (although granite is very durable and should be scratch-resistant). In addition, although well-sealed granite should repel most fluids, make sure to take care of spills quickly, just in case.

Beware of Hot-Bottomed Dishes and Pans

Stone can warp or change color after repeated exposure to very hot temperatures, and you should be sure to put down protection before placing a hot item on your granite countertops.

Use Degreasers for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

If you’ve neglected your countertops for a bit too long, be sure to invest in a quality stone degreaser made specifically for granite. These products will dissolve dirt and grime without also causing damage to the stone beneath, allowing your granite countertop to be restored to its former glory with relative ease.

Stone poultices/powders are also available to get rid of deep oil stains, but can take off the top layer, thus diminishing the shine. However, marble polish can then be used to restore the gleam.

Remember to Reseal Your Countertops Periodically

Granite isn’t the most porous material, but after some time it can definitely end up absorbing liquids, which leads to discoloration. Luckily it’s relatively easy to reseal a granite tabletop; you can ask your tabletop supplier or a home improvement store for the right type of sealant, which is simply poured on your deep-cleaned countertop, allowed to penetrate the surface for 5 or 10 minutes, then buffed dry and left untouched for 12 hours or more.

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