Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

The go green movement has been picking up exponential speed in recent years. We’re becoming more and more environmentally conscious in every aspect of our lives. Our cars emit less CO2, appliances conserve water, our heating systems are fueled by natural gas and the list goes on.


Cue the (energy efficient) lightbulb in your head. “I should implement greener practices into my cleaning regimen.”


What a great idea! You don’t have to be Rachel Carson to mop your floors with a little bit of environmental consciousness (P.S. don’t wipe the counters with DDT. Just trust us on this one.). Here are some ideas that can help you clean more greenly:


Deodorize With Fresh Air

While deodorizers and scent neutralizers smell nice, they’re full of chemicals that aren’t necessarily the best to be breathing in. During warmer weather days, consider simply opening up a window and pointing a fan at it. That’ll blow the stuffy and stale air out, and leave your home smelling fresh again.


Use Old Newspapers

Old Newspapers make for perfect window cleaning agents, and by using them you’re “reusing,” which is the second most effective conservation approach in the reduce, reuse, recycle trifecta that we hear so much about. Furthermore, you can make a window cleaning solution by combining a couple of cups of water with a splash of vinegar, and teaspoon of liquid soap. Your windows will sparkle clean and green!


Conserve Water

This is a great way to reduce, and you’d be surprised at how well you can do with a lot less water. Try to be conscious of how much you’re using, and reduce it as much as possible. We challenge you to cut it in half during mopping and cleaning!


Natural Products

These natural products are extremely effective, and they’re green!

  • Coffee Grounds: Neutralize and deodorize your refrigerator and freezer with coffee grounds. Make sure they’re dry.

  • Lemons: They can be helpful in many ways when it comes to cleaning. Use lemons to polish your copper pots and pans, or make a citrus cleaning spray by combining peels and vinegar (make sure to let them set for a few weeks). You can even clean the microwave by putting a lemon in a bowl of water.

  • Vinegar: On top of its aforementioned uses, a simple vinegar solution (half water, half vinegar) can be used to clean and disinfect just about anything in your home, from the fridge, to the counters and bathroom!


These ideas are just a start, but they should be immensely effective if you want to save money and clean more naturally and healthily. Plus, you’ll feel great about yourself knowing that you’re doing your part to contribute environmentally conscious practices. Besides, it’s not like these methods are any less effective than the less-green routes, so it’ll be a win win win as far as we’re concerned.

And, if you want the help of an environmentally conscious residential and commercial janitorial service in Bucks County, give us a call! We’d be glad to help.