How Clean is Your Home? 3 Surprising Locations with Tons of Germs

It’s the end of the week, and you’ve just finished up your routine weekly house cleaning. From top to bottom you scrubbed and dusted and mopped until the entire house smelled of fresh pine. But is your home really clean? Research suggests that a toilet seat is actually a cleaner surface than a cutting board. There is 200 times the amount of bacteria where you are cutting food, then eating it, then where you go to the bathroom. Shocking, isn’t it?

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, the house cleaning experts that serve Buckingham, PA and other areas of Bucks County and beyond, knows a thing or two about germs and their hidden agendas. After 25 years of residential and commercial cleanings, our team has done their research on the germiest places inside the home. Take a look at these three surprising locations where germs are lingering.


The kitchen, and the many objects held inside it, take the cake as the place filled with the most germs out of the entire home. For instance, cutting vegetables somewhere else might not be a bad idea, considering a cutting board is extremely susceptible to potentially dangerous food poisoning bacteria called coliform. In fact, a cutting board has 200 times the amount of fecal bacteria as compared to a toilet seat. But the kitchen germs don’t just stop there. More than 75% of dishrags and sink sponges harbor E. coli and Salmonella, both of which are from the bacteria family of coliform.


What object comes to mind when you think of the most contaminated area in the bathroom? Yes, the toilet! But does the toilet breed as many germs as you may think? Actually, the bath mat is the real winner here. Bath mats lie on the floor, collecting moisture, and it’s very rare they get a good washing. Bath mats are sometimes near the toilet, which then puts them at a high risk for cross-contamination. Damp bath towels should be washed every three to four days because if left wet, mold could develop.


How often do you wash your bed sheets? If the answer isn’t once a week, or more often, you may want to reconsider your washing schedule. Research has found pillows that have been around for over a year and a half have between 4 and 17 different fungus species, and as time continues to pass, bacteria rapidly accumulates. Not to mention, we shed around half an ounce of skin cells a week, which in turn encourages dust mites in our beds. Although dust mites do not make us ill, people with allergies should beware of the feces and body fragments they leave behind which can trigger allergic reactions.

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