How to Clean Up After a Pet Parrot

Small, manageable, personable, and oh-so-cute parrots and parakeets make great pets for kids and adults alike. Unfortunately, parrots’ constant preening and messy eating habits can make them a bit more challenging to clean up after. At Minch, we know firsthand that it’s possible to maintain a clean home while also playing with your feathery friend. You just need to keep a solid cleaning schedule — and stick to it.

First, you need to know what type of messes your bird will make. This can help you decide how often to clean and which tools to invest in. Smaller birds (like budgies and parrotlets) are more difficult to clean up after because their diet consists of fine seeds and millet. You may want to invest in a high-powered vacuum cleaner if you have one of these types of birds. Larger birds (like African grey parrots and lorikeets) subsist on a diet that’s mostly fruit — so you’ll want to place a mat below their cage to prevent carpet staining.

Cleaning up after your bird daily will save you time and stress. Remove the grate under the cage daily and wipe off any dropping with a non-toxic cleaner. Change out your bird’s newspaper and remember to rinse his or her water bowl every day. Wooden perches can be a bit more difficult to clean because of their porous material. Once a month, you may want to sand your bird’s perch down to keep their claws manageable. You should also remember to regularly replace your bird’s cuttlebone, an essential tool to keep your bird’s beak trimmed.

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