Minch Money Rewards Program Effective 3/1/13

Minch Professional Cleaning Service, LLC is starting a new rewards program for it’s customers. It is a simple way for our customers to earn back money as they spend it. For every $25 a customer spends on a service, they earn $1 in Minch Money. Once customers have earned $25 in Minch Money, they can use that money on any of our services. One important thing to remember is that you can only use one $25 Minch Money at a time. In addition it can not be combined with any other offer.

Minch Professional Cleaning Service, LLC offers many different services. We do residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and construction cleanup. In addition, we also handle maintenance on all types of flooring including stripping, buffing, and waxing. Our staff is fully trained in all areas to ensure our services provided are the very best we can provide. Residential cleaning can be done on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance cleaning schedule. Commercial cleaning is done on an as-needed basis which is typically set by the customer, and it can vary anywhere from multiple times a week to once a month. We schedule around the needs of our customers.

When the team at Minch Professional Cleaning Service, LLC decided to develop a rewards program, it was done with the intention of showing appreciation to their customers. Many of the current customers have been with the company for a long time, so it was important to find a way to show how much we appreciate them and their dedication to us. We all know times are a little tougher right now and the economy has it’s struggles, so this was a way to say that we understood that and that we value every single customer no matter how long or short they have been with us.