Post-Holiday Cleanup Planning: 4 Quick Tips for Success

While the holiday season is one of the most enjoyable times of year for many families, there’s definitely some dread-worthy cleaning that usually comes into play immediately following the glow of Christmas. Soft candlelit scenes give way to the harsh daylight of December 26th, which betrays the same household scene across the nation: mounds of crumpled wrapping paper, sticky fingerprints, thrown-aside packaging, and other markers of a well-spent gift budget. On top of interior cleaning, homeowners are also limited to a very short grace period when it comes to taking down decorations (let’s say January 2nd, at a stretch), adding on to the holiday cleanup stress.

Yet, there’s no need to fret – follow our helpful post-holiday cleanup tips, set up a plan in advance, and you’ll be jumping into spring before you know it (though that reminds us that spring cleaning is right around the corner…a topic for another blog!)

Think ahead. We know it’ll be tempting to put off the more “difficult” tasks, but that means that by the time you get to them, you’ll be desperately trying to finish them as quickly as possible. One of the first chores to be completed much too hastily? Packing away lights. You’ll save yourself plenty of irritation in 364 days if you take the simple step of carefully winding lights around a paper towel roll or other cylindrical object to help keep them in order. Be sure to pack away large objects (inflatable snow globe, anyone?) in a fairly remote place, so that they won’t get in the way the rest of the year; if you only need them annually, might as well use more convenient space for other supplies, rather than just cramming your holiday decorations wherever is convenient.

Get generous. It’s pretty much guaranteed that, every year, we’ll get something as a present that we either don’t like, don’t want or already have; meaning the undesired gift we received serves very little purpose but to take up valuable space in our home. It’s understandable to feel guilty giving something away when it was bought specifically for you, but donating unwanted objects to someone who can use them – whether a friend or a charity – is ultimately the best thing you can do to help others. It will also help you with your cleaning efforts both now and in the future, as less clutter means less to dust and work around.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. You’ll help save the earth AND your wallet if you hang on to holiday decorations that made it through the season in relatively good shape. While it may be tempting to toss tinsel or hanging décor, finding space for them in a box will prevent them from making it to the landfill while providing you with a pleasant reminder of your excellent planning the next year.

Bring in the pros. Believe us, as no one knows cleaning better than we do: it’s not cheating to bring in a little professional help! There’s no reason to spoil the spirit of camaraderie and generosity that winter holidays bring with an overloaded schedule and too much house cleaning – that’s why calling our professional residential maid service in Philadelphia can help save you precious time and energy you’d much rather spend elsewhere. Interested in learning more about our rates? Give us a call today!