Prepare For Fall With These 3 House Cleaning Tips

You might be thinking,

“Fall cleaning? Is that a thing? I thought we were only supposed to scrub down the house in the spring?”

Wrong! Actually, after every season we should be preparing for the next. This gives us an opportunity to rejuvenate our homes and ourselves for the changing weather and a change in our daily routines.

As the house cleaning experts of Buckingham, PA, we thought we’d share some of our top cleaning tips with the fall season upon us. Below you will find our fall cleaning checklist as you start to prepare for the colder months ahead.

Scrub Down the Kitchen

Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen: cooking, eating, visiting the refrigerator, washing dishes, and so on. When was the last time you’ve done more than just wipe the counters down and put the dishes in the dishwasher? We suggest doing a complete kitchen overhaul at least twice a year to keep the germs and grease buildup to a minimum. Your kitchen overhaul should include:

  • Emptying refrigerator contents and scrubbing the interior and exterior of appliances with an antibacterial solution
  • Inside and outside scrub-down of stovetop and oven
  • Using baking soda on a damp sponge, clean the dishwasher’s interior liner; refer to the appliance’s owner’s manual for the best way to clean its exterior

Shampoo All Carpets

You can’t ever go wrong with a good shampoo cleaning! It’s recommended you get this professionally done once a year, but you can also rent a carpet cleaner yourself for some quick in-between jobs.

Treat Your Window Treatments

Window treatments (blinds, curtains, valances) need to be cleaned often. As you may already know, dust and dirt build up quick on these so the more often they’re cleaned, the better. Window treatments require a two-step approach. The valances and frames should be vacuumed or dusted first, and blinds should be wiped down, then submerged in cool water to soak overnight. Add some dishwashing liquid to really get those blinds fresh. Also, be sure to use the vacuum’s brush attachment carefully when applying it to drapes and curtains.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to prepping your home for the fall season ahead. Stay tuned for more tips from the best house cleaning company serving Buckingham, PA!

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