Spring Cleaning is Upon Us

When the weather gets warmer, and the sunshine peaks through, nothing feels better than starting fresh with some Spring cleaning. Remember, it is more than just dusting and decluttering, so don’t be afraid of throwing out the old, and bringing in the new. This process can be an enlightening experience to freshen up your home, and it will benefit you as well!

Here are 8 eco-friendly Spring cleaning tips that will get you on the right track:

1. When tackling the annual cleaning rampage, make sure you are willing to let things go. This will be an important factor in having a successful spring cleaning.

2. If you are considering going green, you need to start with the basics and remove all the dust, dirt, as well as any lingering chemicals from previous cleaning products. This will prevent adding any more harmful toxins into your home.

3. Don’t throw away old t-shirts or socks, use them as cleaning rags. This allows you to save money on your cleaning expenses. Why go buy new rags when there are perfectly good ones lying right under your nose?

4. Before the dusting begins, decide what items you rarely or don’t use, and set them aside for trash, resell, or give away. This way all of your unwanted items are organized and set for their future destination.

5. Another tip you could do is face all of your hangers in the closet away from you. After each use of the article of clothing, place the hanger back in the right way. After 6 months, you’ll see what clothes you have not worn. This is a big indicator of what you should get rid of. Problem solved.

6. Now it’s time for a little bit of elbow grease. Start by using natural/non-toxic cleaners such as baking soda, distilled vinegar, detergent, and washing soda. You can tackle most of the dusting and wiping down by using these natural cleaners.

7. Now that you’re in full swing of the spring cleaning mindset, freshen up your home by simply opening your windows to air everything out. Also, take it to the next step; get rid of old household cleaners that contain chemicals and toxins.

8. Do you have any indoor plants?  Having some greenery indoors improves air quality, so consider having a spider plant, Azela, bamboo palm, and even Peace Lilies, this will allow your spring cleaning to last even longer.

Spring cleaning should be about freshening up your home and life. With these eco-friendly cleaning tips, they are sure to get you on your way to having a great Spring and Summer!