Tips for Keeping Your Office Space Clean

Keeping office spaces clean can be a bit of a chore; whenever a lot of people come together in one place, a mess is sure to follow. That’s why so many turn to commercial cleaning companies in PA: cleaning the office where employees work can be a monster of a task.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with turning to commercial cleaning services, but there are ways you can keep your office area looking great between your cleaning service visits. Some of the best ways to do this are to:

Keep Desks Tidy

It’s all too easy for desks to become dumping grounds for files, miscellaneous papers, and a host of knickknacks that can leave workspaces feeling cluttered and claustrophobic. Plus, they leave a terrible impression when visitors or clients come to your office area and see employee desks overflowing with stuff.

With so much technology at our fingertips, it’s worth cutting down on whatever paper or files you can by digitizing and archiving it when possible. Doing so doesn’t just free up space on your employees’ desks, but it also leaves a better impression on anyone who comes to work with you and your business.

Manage Eating Areas

Food comes with dirt. There’s dirty Tupperware, trashcans, half-finished mugs of coffee, and more that can make the office look disorganized and sloppy. Further, once you allow your employees to eat at their desks – or set the example yourself – crumbs, half-filled garbage cans, and more will begin to permeate your office area, bringing with it the possibility for all kinds of pests and smells to be seen by your customers.

However, if you limit eating to designated areas and encourage employees to keep lunches and other food strictly to break areas, there will be less to worry about. By centralizing eating to one place, it’s easier to encourage practices that will help keep your office areas looking their best when you’re between visits from your cleaning company.

Keep Floors Clean

The floor isn’t one of those places where people think “client experience,” but the reality is that you don’t know what your customer is going to see when they visit your office, so it’s better to live by the mantra “the devil’s in the details.”

Be sure to clean your floors so that dust, paper clips, crumbs, and other kinds of dirt are kept in check, and your clients don’t have a chance to form a negative impression of your operations.

Keeping an office space clean can be hard work, but there are plenty of things you can do to keep your business looking great. Give the Minch Professional Cleaning Services team a call today to get a quote for an expert commercial cleaning service in the Doylestown, PA area, or to find out more ways to keep your office looking great!