What are Some of the Most Bacteria-Ridden Spots in our Homes?

Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, the truth is that our home is crawling with invisible, microscopic bacteria. A few of the worst spots for surface bacteria are in places we wouldn’t normally think of but touch constantly, and more often than we’d like to think, some of that bacteria can be rather hazardous. Here are just a few spots and surfaces that may need extra attention to detail when you’re disinfecting your home.


So this is the big one — the kitchen is often cited in many studies to be the most unsanitary room in the entire home, edging out even the bathroom. This is a disconcerting thought since this is where we prepare and eat food!

The most important areas to sanitize are fairly obvious: cutting boards, counter surfaces, the interior of the refrigerator, and appliances such as water kettles, coffee makers, and microwaves; basically, anything that comes into regular contact with food or liquids. Wiping your appliances inside and out with antibacterial wipes on a regular basis will keep hazards to a minimum. Soak your cutting boards in hot, soapy water after using them. Frequently wipe microwave and fridge handles, kitchen sink faucets and knobs, and stove knobs as well. Anything you often touch can be a risk while handling food. Finally, sponges and rags should be changed out regularly.

Studies have shown that these items (that touch the dishes we eat off of no less) are far more likely to have traces of salmonella, E. Coli, and even fecal matter, than many bathroom surfaces, which is an unsettling thought to say the least. If you’ve been neglecting your kitchen, then it may be worth looking into a cleaning company in Doylestown, PA, for a thorough and comprehensive deep cleaning.


The bathroom is certainly the room we think of first when we think of bacteria in our homes. The frequent moisture accumulation allows mold and bacteria to thrive. Obvious spots to wipe down with disinfectant include the shower tub, faucets and knobs, and the toilet seat and floor immediately around the toilet. You should also swap your toothbrush every few months as well as wash and replace towels weekly and bathroom rugs monthly.

Where Else?

There’s far more to treating a home for bacteria than simply the bathroom and kitchen. We’re constantly touching a myriad of surfaces and items all over our homes, transporting germs from room to room, surface to surface. It often ends up in our mouths or rubbed off on our faces or near our eyes, potentially making you sick.

Disinfect light switches, phones, keyboards, remotes, tablets and other items you touch regularly. They can all quickly accumulate bacteria and should all be cleaned appropriately with disinfectant wipes or more specialized cleaning items.


We can keep the health risks in our homes to a minimum and reduce how often we end up falling ill. However, proper and thorough sanitation is practically a full-time job, and many people don’t have the time to fully disinfect their home as frequently as it needs. If you’re looking into house cleaning companies in the Doylestown, PA area, please contact the trusted team at Minch Professional Cleaning Services at 267-202-4412 to learn more!