Four Important Steps to Spring Clean Your Desk

Did you know that cleaning your office space is a great way to increase your productivity? Now that the spring season has arrived, it’s the perfect time for office managers to invest in the services of the professional commercial cleaning companies in PA that keep employees happy and healthy. In the meantime, encouraging employees to clean out their desks is a great way to help improve office morale and productivity quickly. Four easy steps any employee can take today to straighten up for spring include:

  • Paper management. If your office is like most places, one of the biggest culprits when it comes to clutter is stray paperwork. Have your employees look through the piles of paperwork that has collected on their desks and inside their filing cabinets and encourage them to decide what needs to be saved and what can go. Remember to safely and thoroughly shred all old documents to protect sensitive client information.
  • Don’t forget the dust. One place that many office workers (and even some cleaning companies in Doylestown, PA) forget to remove dust is between the keys of the computer keyboard. Provide your employees with cotton swabs and disinfectant and remind them to clean the dust out of their keyboards for a laptop or desktop that will work better and last longer!
  • Check your office supplies. Don’t let old office supplies occupy precious real estate in your employees’ desks! Provide your employees with scrap paper and encourage them to test all the pens and mechanical pencils in their space. Pitching the ones that don’t work will do wonders when it comes to saving space.
  • Cleanup your virtual space. Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to mean getting rid of germs! Email inboxes, document download spaces, and cloud storage can easily clutter. Remind your employees to straighten out their virtual spaces as well as their desks for maximum productivity.
  • A clean office is one that’s conducive to happy and hard-working employees. Investing in the commercial cleaning services of Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC can keep your office buzzing with activity…instead of germs. Give us a call at 267-202-4412 to get started on a fresh new plan for spring!