Three Secret Germ Hotspots Hiding in Your Office

When your employees enter your office space, they’re depending upon you to provide an environment that is safe, inviting, and conducive to productivity. Unfortunately, many office managers and business owners do not realize just how many secret germ hosts might be lurking in their otherwise pristine workspace. Employing a cleaning company in Doylestown that knows how important it is to clean these three common hidden sources of germs can help limit employee downtime during the remainder of allergy season!

  • Touch screens. Smartphones, tablets, and computers, oh my! Even if you don’t work in the tech industry, chances are that your employees are using several touchscreen surfaces on a day-to-day basis. When these devices are shared without disinfecting, they can easily spread germs.
  • Keyboards. Keyboards can become germs traps all year-round but may become particularly dangerous during the spring allergy season, when dust, pollen, and dander can become airborne and cause keyboards to malfunction. Dipping a cotton swab in disinfectant and cleaning the spaces between the keys is a simple and quick way to clean out germs from this sensitive piece of equipment.
  • Coffee makers. Most employees probably already know that if you’re looking to stay healthy, post-bathroom hand washing is required. However, many office workers underestimate just how many germs may be lurking in the break room and kitchen. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to hidden office germs is the coffee maker. From a handle that’s rarely disinfected to the potential for mold buildup, commercial cleaning companies in PA should always remember to pay special attention to the coffee machine when cleaning an office space.
  • Understanding how to get rid of lesser-known germ hotspots is crucial for any commercial cleaning plan. To learn more about how to get your office ready for spring, give Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC a call today at 267-202-4412.