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Kitchens: Dirtier Than They Appear

During house cleaning in Bucks County, homeowners may be surprised to know they are focusing on the wrong areas. Many people may believe the bathroom is the dirtiest room in the house for obvious reasons, but believe it or not the kitchen surpasses the bathroom with flying colors. Sinks, stoves, counters, and coffee makers all surpass toilets and showers as the grossest spots you can find in a modern house or apartment.

Soap-the-Sink-tooThe reason is food preparation spreads a tremendous number of germs, especially if you’re a meat-eater. The kitchen is a high traffic area and germs spread even from purses and grocery bags touching the counter. Make sure to wash counters every day and after all food preparation with hot, soapy water and then rinse.

Kitchen sinks are notoriously germ-filled, even more so than bathroom sinks. You may not realize it, but the kitchen sink gets more use than the bathroom sink, and between the runoff from hand washing, dirty dishes, and residue from raw food particles, they can contain more bacteria than public toilets, which are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Though this may horrify you to no end, the simple solution is to just take some time to scrub the entire surface of the sink once or twice a week. Use hot water and soap and be sure to remove all traces of coffee grinds, egg residue, and other food particles.

Make no mistake, bathrooms need plenty of cleaning, but don’t be fooled into thinking the kitchen is pristine because the sink don’t stink. With our house cleaning service in Princeton and Bucks County, PA, Minch Professional Cleaning LLC can help you keep the whole house clean and comfortable.

Cleaning Bathrooms without Chemicals

Keeping bathrooms clean is important and should be done often, but you may be uncomfortable with constantly spraying potentially harmful chemicals in such a frequently used room. A 50/50 vinegar and water mix is perfectly safe and effective in cleaning many different surfaces.

To clean mirrors with this solution, you can fashion a rag from old t-shirts or newspapers, but the ideal method is to wipe with microfiber cloths – one wet and one dry. You’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get without the use of any chemicals.

The vinegar and water mix is also effective for cleaning counters, tiles, and even soap scum in showers and tubs. For very tough stains and grime stuck to showers, try a baking soda and water paste, or baking soda and vinegar for an even stronger solution. Scrub tile grout with hydrogen peroxide and a soft toothbrush to loosen set-in dirt and grime.

To keep toilets relatively clean in between visits from house cleaning companies in 

Princeton, coat the inside of the bowl with baking soda and pour a cup of white vinegar into the water. Scrub with a toilet brush, and the chemical reaction should remove most stains and odors.

You can even find recipes online for chemical-free air fresheners as an alternative to Febreeze or Lysol. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC has even more tips on our website for effective natural house cleaning in Princeton.


Tips for Tackling the Dinner Mess While You Cook

The smell of the delicious pineapple glazed ham fills the house. Don’t forget to grab the biscuits out of the oven before they burn. The table is covered with warm delightful dishes of food you have been preparing all day. The table is set with your very best dishware and china. Everything is ready. Then you walk back into the kitchen and it hits you. Oh look at this mess! As wonderful as everything looks and smells, you realize it will not be as wonderful cleaning up the mess. Ideally a cleaning service would come in and take care of that for you, but in case that is not an option we want to give you a few tips to help you out.

Here are a few steps to help keep things in order as you go:
– Keep the refrigerator cleaned out as you go
– Keep the sink filled with warm soapy water
– Clean up each station as you go
– Try to cook cleanly
– Keep a dish towel on you at all times
– Use any wait/down time to clean up anything you haven’t got to yet
– Clear out the clutter
– Run the dishwasher as often as needed

No one wants to spend their holiday evening cleaning up. Try to keep up with the mess as you cook. Then you will be able to sit down and enjoy the yummy baked apple pie with your loved ones!

Valentine’s Day is Coming!!!

Are you wondering what to get your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Having a hard time coming up with something he/she will really love? No need to worry any further! We can help you with that! Did you know that Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC offers gift cards? Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want the gift of a nice clean home to sit back and relax in? Our gift cards are offered in any denomination you prefer. Not sure how much to get your gift card for? No need to worry about that either. We have trained professionals available at the office who can help with that too. See how easy we can make this for you! Just pick up the phone and call today because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner 🙂

Must Have Checklist for Cleaning Our Older Loved Ones Homes

Many of us find that as we grow older, the roles change with our parents. Suddenly we become the caretakers (like a parent) and they need us more and more everyday. And if you are the caretaker, your well aware that it is quite a task. You will find old books/magazines, musty linens and clothes all while navigating through their clutter. And that’s just a start. You can only imagine what you will find in the refrigerator. The reason why it is so important to go through everything for them and de-clutter their home is because living in a chaotic environment provides major risks for aging adults. So when you are ready to tackle cleaning their home, here is a checklist of a few things you wont want to forget:

~ throw away any and all expired food in the freezer/refrigerator.
~ clear objects off of all stairways and walkways.
~ dispose of any outdated medications and expired cleaners/beauty products.
~ make sure all handrails are securely anchored to the walls, that all carpets are secured to the ground, and all the rugs lay flat on the floor.
~ wash or replace soiled bedding, mattress pads, and pillow covers.
~ clean any mold/mildew in bathroom.
~ Look for water damage and mold throughout the house.
~ wash or replace musty curtains, blinds and draperies.
~ check for dusty/moldy walls, ceilings and corners of rooms especially because they can cause respiratory problems along with dusty ventilation and ceiling fans.

Keep in mind that when you are doing this for your loved one, it is very important to include them in the process. As overwhelming as it is for you, its the same way for your loved one. The key to it all is to not put it off! Just about everyone who has been through this ordeal have all said the same thing, wished they would have started sooner!

The battle of donating/selling/tossing items versus keeping them will be tough. For your loved ones, it is more about the memories then the physical items. A good tip for this situation is to take a picture of them. It may be easier for them to donate once they realize the memory has been captured. You could even create a fun photo album for them with some old and new photos for memory’s sake. And for the pile of knick knacks that your loved ones swear will be worth millions in 20 years, try some elegant boxing/packing. Get sturdy boxes, carefully label the contents and relocate the prized items to a basement or storage unit. Nine times out of ten, they will never ask about or to see those items again, but they will feel reassured they are in a safe place. And as the saying goes, when mamma’s happy, everyone is happy!